• Mike Sonko made Alvin Chivondo's year by offering him a job.
• Mike Sonko prayed that Alvin would seize the opportunity that he had given him.

in a file photo
Mike Sonko in a file photo
Image: Courtesy

When Alvin Linus Chivondo dreams of a Guardian Angel, Mike Sonko will most likely be it.

(Quick back story-Alvin had pleaded guilty to stealing 5kgs of rice, 5 litres of cooking oil, 2kgs of sugar, honey and tea leaves that amounted to KES 3,165 from Naivas Supermarket located on Ronald Ngala St, was sentenced and taken to the Industrial Area Prison)

Why? Shortly after the deposed Nairobi governor paid Alvin's Ksh 100,000 award, the Mombasa gubernatorial candidate took Alvin back to the same spot that he had stolen from on a shopping spree.

Sonko and his team picked up Alvin this afternoon and took him to the same Naivas branch where they bought him shopping to last him and his family a whole month.

And that's not all! Sonko also gave Alvin a full-time job at his UpperHill offices." I'm happy the young man is now free. It's my hope he will be a responsible man," Mike Sonko.

Many of Sonko's fans and followers appreciated the politician's charity towards Alvin and said as much in the comments section.

Even if Mike Sonko's motivations for helping Alvin are entirely political, we can't take away from what he has done for Mr. Chivondo.

I hope that Alvin takes this second chance by the horns and duly rewards Sonko for putting his faith in him.

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