• Alvin Chivondo's court sentence had enraged many Kenyans.
• Alvin Chivondo was found guilty of stealing 5ks bag of rice, 5kgs of cooking oil, and 2kgs of sugar from Naivas supermarket.

the Ex-Nairobi governor
Mike Sonko the Ex-Nairobi governor
Image: Ezekiel Aming'a

Deposed Nairobi Governor, Mike Sonko is the hero in Alvin Chivondo's story after paying his Ksh 100,000 court fine.

The flashy Sonko revealed this information on his Twitter page where he posted the Mpesa receipt. His accompanying caption read,

"Majority of Kenyans are languishing in poverty even to afford a daily meal for their families is a problem, it is because of this reason that I decided to pay the court fine for Mr. Alvin Linus Chivondo who was sentenced to one-year imprisonment for stealing cooking oil."

Sonko must have seen the chorus of Kenyans clamouring for the release of Alvin Livondo after the court had delivered its verdict and decided to play to the gallery.

Alvin was infamously sentenced to one year in jail or a Ksh 100,000 fine for the crime of shoplifting from a Naivas supermarket.

Even former Prime Minister, Raila Odinga voiced his opposition to the sentence and demanded Alvin's unconditional release.

"Let Alvin Linus Chivondo be released unconditionally!. Criminals are now getting a reprieve to campaign freely, while petty offenders are being jailed. Let the courts get their priorities right, for once, you can't jail a man for trying to feed his family."

Do you think the court's sentence was fair? 

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