Blogger Robert Alai
Blogger Robert Alai
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Blogger turned political aspirant Robert Alai is ready for the April 9, grilling by Kileleshwa residents as he gears up to run for MCA in the ward.

The Kileleshwa Ward Neighborhood Association (KIWANA), invited all MCA aspirants to a meeting at Kileleshwa Covenant Community Church.

“The introduction will be in the form of a brief overview of your CV. We will also want to hear whether you meet the integrity criteria set out in the Constitution and how you plan to engage in the fight against corruption,” Sam Mwaura stated in a letter to aspirants.

So far, there are seven aspirants eying the seat, among them is Alai who spoke to Mpasho about his plans.

"I will be going for the interviews," he said, "I don’t know the integrity criteria since there hasn’t been clarity on that but I don’t believe that it is more rigorous than Chapter 6 or even that conducted by my party ODM. We are going for party primaries now."

Speaking about his fellow political rivals eyeing the same seat, Alai explained, "I have met a good number of the competitors while I have known others for ages. I am looking forward to the engagement because I was a chairman of a neighbourhood association so I know their value and that which organisations like KARA bring to make our cities better."

Is he prepared for the grilling by the Kileleshwa residents?

"I don’t know about the grilling but I am looking forward to engage the residents. I expect to listen to the residents and also outline my vision as a leader who is looking to convince them to support me."

In a past interview with Mpasho, Alai outlined one of his commitments to making the Kileleshwa ward safe and comfortable for all residents, especially having social amenities. 

"If you check Kileleshwa, there are a lot of apartments coming up, where are the playing grounds? Where is the walking path? How do you ensure these residents are living comfortably?"

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