• The song is said to have violated copyright laws set by the company

• A genge artist claims that the song is a duplicate of  his

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Last month Bahati surprised his fans and the nation at large with what he termed the biggest collaboration of his career.

He'd gotten together with presidential aspirant Raila Odinga to release a song dubbed 'Fire' which featured other prominent government officials associated with the Azimio la Umoja political party.

The song had quips from Raila's campaign trails and the hook was 'Baba' as the presidential aspirant is popularly referred to as chanting 'fire.'

The song was well received having hit 1 million views in just 2 weeks.

However, as of April 5, it was speculated that the song had gotten pulled down from Youtube with claims that it had violated the copyright rules set by the company.

Apparently, Genge and Chanuzi bongo artist, Cosyessta Kenia is said to have reported the song claiming that Bahati had duplicated his own song for his and his collaborator's benefits.

The song is no longer available on the singer's YouTube page for viewing.

Neither Bahati nor Baba has addressed the situation as of now amidst a lot of Kenyans calling on the two to give a statement addressing these claims and if the two are going to be defending their hit song which was meant to popularize their August 2022 election bids.

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