• They range from food-related to outfit laws.

• Some are bizarre as they infringe on personal space.

The world is full of different countries with different laws. Any county can mould the laws according to its own will. It just gets interesting when some countries frame unique rules. I have outlined some of the weird laws globally.

       1. Slaughtering an animal in the presence of another is illegal

In Kenya slaughtering an animal in the presence of another is illegal under the prevention of cruelty of animals act, though a vet is allowed to put them down if they are a threat. The law made it illegal to organize animal fights.

      2. No flushing of toilets after 10:00 pm

This is forbidden in Switzerland. Everyone in this country should finish their business before the clock strikes ten. 

       3. Chewing gum In Singapore was banned since 1992.

 This was because the prime minister thought it would lead to mischief-making like putting chewing gum on subway train doors.

       4. It is illegal to have your chicken cross the road in Georgia.

The law wants chicken owners to have their chicken under control all the time.it is also illegal for the birds to walk across an open road.


5. Did you know that running out of gas on the runway in Germany is illegal?

In case you run out of gas on the runway in Germany you will be fined. You should know better and plan not to run out of gas. 

        6. It is illegal to wear lacy undies in Russia.

How they will know what you have underneath is unknown, but according to the law, women’s undies must be made with a minimum of 6 per cent of cotton.

        7. Dancing in the dark after midnight is illegal in Japan

It is considered too sinful. You can dance after midnight as long as it is not in the dark. if you wish to show your moves you have to do it in a well-lit club.

       8. Married women can only have one glass of wine in Bolivia

Bolivia still has a law that prohibits women from having more than a glass, due to the belief that alcohol may make a woman more immoral.

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