Karen Nyamu campaigning less than 2 weeks after giving birth

Karen Nyamu is vying for the Nairobi senatorial seat

• Karen Nyamu gave birth less than two weeks ago.
• The aspiring politician had great news for her supporters.

greeting William Ruto
Karen Nyamu greeting William Ruto
Image: Instagram

If you ask me, Karen Nyamu is phenomenal. The lawyer who gave birth less than two weeks ago is already back on the campaign trail.

The aspiring Nairobi senator revealed this information herself on her social media, telling Kenyans, "It’s a come back!! Getting ready kuchachisha kanairo! Tupatane ground watu wangu."

Not only that, with the addition of her third child, Karen has decided to also hit the campaign trail with a chic new haircut which she displayed in the images that accompanied her caption.

Kenyans in her comment section were impressed by her tenacity and said as much in the comments section.

They congratulated Karen on her hairstyle and the fact that she had immediately come back to campaign so shortly after her safe delivery.

Karen herself has in the past said in January this year with Mpasho she would take a one-month break from campaigns.

"Maternity leave does not have to be three months. With my son, there was time. I had to travel to and from Mombasa and it was one week after and he was okay. All I need is planning, which is already done. I have a very strong team behind me. Sometimes I even forget that I am pregnant."

Clearly, two weeks were more than enough for her.

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