The politician opened up on what she doesn't do as far as relationships go

Martha Karua
Image: Courtesy

Martha Karua is known as the iron lady of Kenyan politics but what some might not know is that she normally shows her soft side to her intimates.

The mother of two is currently defending activist Boniface Mwangi in his court dispute with Machakos Governor, Alfred Mutua and delivered some interesting relationship tidbits to his wife, Njeri.

It happened while the two were driving in the same car together with Boniface, his wife Njeri, and their three friends.

She firmly told Njeri that she didn't do blind dates, "I don't gatecrash and don't do blind dates," the fierce politician said.

Martha is a very private person as far as her personal life goes but the strong-willed politician revealed a bit more about herself in an interview with the Standard 3 years ago.

She gave her thoughts on the often touted dream ideal of having it all (a great marriage while also having a wonderful career), saying that it was an impossible thing.

“Nobody can have it all. It is all a balancing act with no formulae. And all you can do is try your best. I did what I did the only way I knew how to. As a working mother of two, I would tag my babies with me to meetings. I would travel with them. They would come along with me on work trips."

Before adding,

“I would use my miles to pay their airfares and a little extra for their meals and as long as they had things to keep themselves busy, they were OK. I was going to have a career and I was going to have children, it was what I had chosen for myself. It had to work. No one had chosen it for me.  Even as a parliamentarian they went to work a lot with me.”

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