All about President Uhuru's private hangout with UB40

•UB40 is known for songs such as 'Red Red Wine. and  'Bring Me A Cup'.

Uhuru Kenyatta
Image: Twitter

In February 2020, the legendary UK band UB40 visited Kenya to the excitement of their fans among them was President Uhuru Kenyatta.

The event which was held at the Carnivore Grounds in Nairobi saw Kenya's president attend.

In an interview with CTA on their YouTube channel, State House Director of Brand Strategy and Events Big Ted has explained how the President ended up in the event.

"My boss (The President) asked me if I was sure that UB40 were coming to Kenya or it was a hoax. I assured him it was real and he promised to come to the event."

Ted says the President was very punctual when the D-Day arrived.

"Do you know what it feels like for your boss to tell you that he is coming for your event? By 7:50 he was at the gate, he said he did not want anyone near him including the government people. He also requested for a photo with the UB40, so we took him to the back stage where he took the photo."


"The next day he called me and requested that I take the guys to his place. We hung out just like boys would. God has given me grace which many people will never be able to experience."

Ted was the event organizer and was responsible for bringing the group to Kenya.

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