Little is known about the Mombasa governors wife

Kenyans were hit with the shocking news yesterday that the marriage of flamboyant Mombasa Governor, Ali Hassan Joho, was not in a great place.

This after news leaked that 001 as he is affectionately called, was been divorced by his wife, Madina Giovanni Fazzini.

Madina Fazzini
Image: Courtesy

The two apparently exchanged vows on February 11, 2011, before separating two years later. Madina would later file for divorce at the Kadhi courts after their separation saying that their marriage was dead and could not be revived due to irreconcilable differences.

"I want to state openly and unequivocal that our marriage died irretrievably with no chance of revival given we have both moved on over the years," she said.

Ali Hassan Joho
Image: Courtesy

In June 2013, Joho is said to have moved out of their matrimonial home worsening the already troubled marriage.

Fazzini said she continued living in the same house with her children until 2020 when she decided to move out and relocated to Malindi, where she currently lives.

Madina Fazzini
Image: Courtesy

But who is the rarely seen and very private Madina? From the little that is available, we have been able to glean some facts. They are below:

1. She is bi-racial having an Italian father and a Somali mother, thus the name Giovanni. 

2. She is a mother of four, having been blessed with 3 daughters; Umm Kulthum, Rahma, and Amina. The boy is called Shaheed.

3. She is 32-years old.

4. She is a very religious lady who always walks around with a hijab and buibui.

5. She can speak five languages with some other sources contending that speaks seven.

6. She has a Master's in Business Administration from a university at the Kenyan Coast.

7. Apart from managing Joho’s foundation, she was a key cog in launching Joho's political career as the Kisauni MP through ODM.

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