Rufftone's wife isn't happy about him joining politics

• 'There is a notion here that politics is a dirty game especially for a gospel artiste like me.'- Rufftone

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Aspiring Nairobi senator, Smith Mwatia alias Rufftone, has opened up on his wife's reaction to him joining politics.

Rufftone said that his wife is still unable to come to terms with that decision. Speaking during an interview with Mpasho, he says he hopes his wife will soften her heart on this.

'My wife is not for it. She is praying a lot that I get a change of heart. There is a notion here that politics is a dirty game especially for a gospel artiste like me.

My wife is supporting me but she is scared of the turn I have taken, so we are still on the negotiating table.'

Speaking on how he met his wife Rufftone shared;

'I first saw her when she had come to the studio to record music. Nliona dame ako fiti jooh. I had Teddy B as the producer at the time, so I was very curious about how I would talk to her.

So I told them to delay the projects until her dad stopped bringing her to the studio. At some time she flew out of the country, I followed up and at some point, we started dating.

Our dating life was not easy because people would look at us very 'oddly' when we were out on dates. But I thank my wife because she persevered all that.'

Maybe that is why Rufftone's wife is not keen on him joining politics.

Because once he does, their home will no longer be very private, he will also be mtu wa watu, always busy.

Would you vote for Rufftone as the next Nairobi senator?

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