BATTLE OF THE DIVAS: Ngirici and Waiguru
BATTLE OF THE DIVAS: Ngirici and Waiguru

Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru has thrown some major shade at her political nemesis Wangui Ngirici.

Recently, Waiguru opened up about why Ngirici left Deputy President William Ruto’s United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party.

She was speaking in Kirinyaga’s Gichugu constituency on Friday at the commissioning of Kimwana dispensary.

“Endeleeni na matusi. Hiyo yote mnatuita, watu wa Kirinyaga wanaskiza na ndio sababu wamesema hawataki matusi na wivu. (Continue with your insults. All these names you call us, remember Kirinyaga people are watching you and they are not accepting your jealous tirades),” Waiguru said.

She added, "Wale wanakuja na matusi tunawaambia hivi, mimi sijafukuza mtu Kirinyaga, mnajifukuza wenyewe na matusi yenu. Watu wa Kirinyaga ndio watawafukuza. (Those who are coming at us with insults, let me tell you this, I have not chased away anyone from Kirinyaga. You chased yourself away  with your own insults),” she said.

This comes after Ngirici, who defected from UDA in December 2021, claimed that she was coerced to drop her gubernatorial aspirations and instead go for the Mwea parliamentary seat.

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