Nick Ruto and wife, Evelyne Chemutai
Nick Ruto and wife, Evelyne Chemutai

Less than a week ago, Deputy President William Ruto's firstborn son Nick tied the knot in a traditional wedding to his longtime love, Evelyne Chemutai.

Announcing this, Nick wrote on his social media, "We met our families as culture demanded. She said YES, I said YES, THEY said YES, WE said YES."

He added, "Special thanks for your support and prayers. Evelyne 💍 Nick."

Today, he has advised his followers saying, "Never let go loyalty and faithfulness.-Trust God with all your heart and never rely on what you think you know, never think that you are wise than you are, just obey God and refuse to do evil."

He continued, "This will ease your pain and heal your wound.-Pay great attention when God warn you and corrects you.-hold your wisdom and insight.-Try to help those who are in need.

Success isn't always about greatness, it's about consistency. Consistent hard work leads to success. Greatness will just come."

In another post, nick opened about the media scrutiny he has received in the past.

"I hope you learn how to let go of everyone's opinion of your life. I hope you start to see, from a place that lives deep within you, that there is no universally correct way to live a life that is solely your own."

Nick explained, "Every, human being has different goals, has different concepts of what happiness looks like, has a different concept of what it truly means to be alive. And because of that, people will judge you - the world will try to change your, but you must continue to move in your own direction

You must continue to go at your own pace, because if you allow for that to alter your path you're going to end up living someone else's life."

He concluded, "I hope you learn how to make your time here something you are proud of. Quality of life matters, not quantity."

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