Court of Law
Court of Law

Four suspects who are alleged to have trespassed on land belonging to a prominent leader in Karen are expected to be arraigned before a Milimani court this morning.

The four are Mohammed Muhammud Wako alias Hussein Mohammed, James Owino Opere, Jonah Saluni Tuuko and Samakin Lesingiran.

In a miscellaneous application that will be produced before the court, the state has declined to disclose the name of the leader saying it’s because of security reasons.

"Due to security issues, I wish not to disclose his name," reads the miscellaneous application.

The DCI wants the four to be detained for one week at Pangani police station to enable them to conclude their investigations into the alleged trespassing.

The police claim that the investigations into the matter are complex and will require further investigations to be undertaken with a view of recovering a forged title.

“After interrogations, there is reasonable suspicion to believe that the suspects are in possession of a forged title to the same land which they are using to lure unsuspecting members of the public into believing that the title is genuine and that the land is being offered for sale,” reads court papers.

The police also want to know the motive behind the alleged forcible entry saying that the property belongs to the unnamed prominent leader.

Lawyer Danstan Omari representing James Opere and Jonah Saluni has opposed their release on bail.

Omari has told Senior Resident Magistrate Jane Kamau that his clients were told that the said land belongs to the head of state.

“Your honour my two clients have told me that they were told that the land belongs to the head of state that’s why they are here,” Omari said.

He has asked the court not to detain the suspects as has been asked by the state.

He has opposed their detention and wants them released on bail.

The prosecution says in as much as the real owner of the land is well known they are looking for the fake owner who has been duping members of the public that the land is his.

The state says they want the four to help them trace the purported fake owner. Omari had told the court that his clients were only passing by and didn’t trespass as alleged.

Omari further said all the land owned by the head of the state's family is guarded by GSU officers so there is no way they could have trespassed. Ruling on whether the court will detain them for seven days will be delivered at 12.15 pm.

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