Former Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka's presidential campaign secretariat has condemned fake news on the death of Kalonzo's wife Pauline Musyoka.

In a statement on Sunday, SKM Command Centre Head of Communications Paloma Gatabaki said there were fake rumours circulating on Twitter claiming Mama Pauline had succumbed.

She said the rumours were distasteful and horrific.

"This is fake news. It is unfortunate we live in a time when people spend their minutes trying to get the most clicks  and not tell the truth. It is sad that the spinners of hateful, horrific and fake stories show no evidence of regret nor remorse for the damage they do," Gatabaki said.

Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua seem to have fell into the trap of the fake news as he had earlier on taken to Twitter to condole with Kalonzo.

However, he immediately deleted his post and and issued a public apology for the misinformation.

Mutua claimed the information came from a credible source from Kalonzo's team.

"I want to apologies for the earlier post about the family of Kalonzo Musyoka. This was a result of misinformation and a hoax from several players, some seemingly credible and close to Kalonzo, who made it seem like a message to me about the family," Mutua said in his post.

"People can be evil." he added.

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