A political broker from Western Kenya is said to have vanished after receiving some Sh3 million from a kingpin from the region to attend Friday's Azimio la Umoja rally in Kakamega. It has emerged that the MP, who is allied to one of ODM boss Raila Odinga's 2022 rivals, was supposed to show up at Bukhungu stadium for strategic political interests. However, he is said to have switched off his mobile phones on the eve of the event and was allegedly spotted boarding a flight to Mombasa in a huff at dawn on Friday. Until when will the politician hide? Will he refund the fat 'facilitation'? Only time will tell.


The election season is here with us and several brokers have sprung up with the hope of minting millions of shillings ahead of the 2022 General Election. A little bird whispered to Corridors of Power that a senator has been negotiating for a Sh5 billion deal before his boss can jump ship to one of the factions in the 2022 contest. Whereas the faction has no problem giving the cash, the major challenge is that the camp of the man in question has made more demands that their guy must get a running mate slot and his party be granted the chance to field candidates in his turf. This has not gone down well with the financier, who is now developing cold feet.


A gubernatorial aspirant in one of the Nyanza counties is developing cold feet after realising his candidature is fast receiving a backlash due to his questionable development record. This, he feels, would jeopardise his chances of winning the seat. The man is worried that already a senior politician has settled on a position he currently holds and thus cannot defend it. He is now left to battle for the gubernatorial position despite the many challenges ahead of him. He was recently overheard lamenting that he could have been put on the chopping board and vowed to seek assurance from his party leader that the ticket has been reserved for him.


A political lightweight who has been positioning himself as a rich and wealthy politician from Western Kenya has become a bother. The honcho, who unsuccessfully ran for a parliamentary seat in 2017, has been camping at the home of one of the influential leaders from the region begging for handouts. While he is in court battling a domestic-related case, he has not shied away from soliciting money from bigwigs to run political errands. In fact, he has now become a gun for hire to besmirch the image of politicians from the region on social media to eke a living. 

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