Karen Nyamu
Karen Nyamu

Politician Karen Nyamu is pregnant with her third child and that has not slowed her one bit.

The lawyer is expecting her second child with Mugithii star Samidoh.

She is also running her campaign to be Nairobi's senator.

In her birthday message last month Karen said, "Note to self on my birthday; you brilliant passionate girl, vulnerability is beautiful! Vulnerability is strength."

Adding, "Let a pure heart and pure intentions ALWAYS vindicate you. Answer only to the names God calls you. You’re free! Redeemed, a conqueror, you’re blessed to be a blessing to many!"

Karen continued, "Watu, we are chasing the good life but this is the good life! We want what we want without realizing what we have. Pause, live and appreciate where you are because this is the good life!"

Check out photos of Karen on the campaign trail.

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