Kenyan Musicians performing at Jamhuri day
Kenyan Musicians performing at Jamhuri day
Image: Mercy Mumo

Kenya Music industry players have released a proposed music tariff to be used in the 2022 campaigns. 

The Kenya Assosiation of Music Producers(KAMP) in conjunction with Performers Right Society of Kenya(PRISK) and the Music Copyright Society of Kenya (MCSK) released the rates that will be used across various elective positions in 2022. 

According to their proposal, musicians will be paid the following amount of money when their song is played in campaigns;

1. Rates per each political party - KSh 600,000

2. Each Presidential candidate - KSh 400,000 

3. Each Gubernatorial candidate - KSh 150, 000

4. Each Senatorial candidate - KSh 100,000 

5. Each County Woman Rep - KSh 100,000 

6. Each Member of Parliament - KSh 50,ooo

7. Each Member of County Assembly - KSh 12,500

These proposed rates will see musicians get revenue whenever their songs are played in political rallies or online campaigns.

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