Maria Atwoli
Maria Atwoli

The daughter of Cotu boss Francis Atwoli has imparted some wise words that has left KOT wondering in whose hands are we truly safe?

Maria Atwoli tweeted in response to a Nairobi man who paid for a city woman to accompany him to a fully paid one week vacation to Mombasa.

The man shamed the girl by posting her photos on Twitter saying she refused to give up her cookie because according to him his vacation offer came with a hidden clause of 'you have to put out'.

She did not.

He shipped her back to Nairobi before the vacation was over and went ahead to hunt for other women in Mombasa willing to bed him.

Well, Maria gave her thoughts on this.

She asked, "Kama hupendi mtu unaenda na yeye wapi?"

And KOT has alot to say about that. Here are some of their hilarious reactions.

@mwiitu_wa: Labda whatever she saw wasn't worth the sin

@kingmurukaa: Twende reverse

@KiigenKoech: Following closely. It might determine where we go for our Door to Door meeting.

@thilange_e: Sasa me spendi boss wangu you want me to quit!!!

@geoffrey_osoro: Mnasema ni #PaidPartnership????

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