National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi is one of the most popular politicians in the country. The legislator is now proposing a mandatory lifestyle audit of all Kenyan leaders and public officials.

He made this suggestion yesterday on Twitter where he was having a live discussion with Kenyans. Interesting thing is that Mr. Muturi was so serious about this idea that he was ready to back it up by declaring his own wealth.

One Kenyan called Enock Kiptanui had dared him to state his net worth and asked him how he had gained the wealth? “How much is your net worth and how did you acquire your wealth? #ChatWithJBMuturi,” he tweeted.

“I am worth Approx.Ksh.300M most of my property was acquired through bank loans and civil servant remuneration for 36 years. I support a lifestyle audit on all leaders plus an explanation of how all their wealth was acquired and this should not be done in secret,” he added.

This comes a month after the Senate unanimously approved The Lifestyle Audit Bill, 2021, requiring public officials to undergo a mandatory lifestyle audit.

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