In a black shirt with coloured strips
DP Ruto In a black shirt with coloured strips
Image: Twitter

Karen association has written to the IG of police Hillary Mutyambai complaining about mugging and noise around DP William Ruto’s Karen residence.

“We hereby write to notify your office of constant complains from our members residing along the Karen road and residents commuting via the same route and the adjacent,” chairperson James Hirst said in the letter dated November 9.

Hirst said they have received complaints of insecurity, noise and traffic gridlock attributed to entourages entering Ruto’s official residence.

“Residents have complained of rising cases of mugging along the route conducted by aliens masquerading as visitors to your residence,”  Hirst said.

“The association is highly alarmed by the ever-presence of suspicious persons roaming around the area against its rule on loitering.”

The IG was not immediately available for comment.

Hirst said there is rampant traffic gridlock as a result of visitors parking on the roadsides and bay leaves awaiting clearance to Ruto’s residence.

“This has caused unbearable inconvenience to residents commuting along the Karen road and adding lanes,” he said.

“We, therefore, request your office to speedily and conclusively look into above matters safeguard and restore peace and tranquility in outré neighborhood .”