Mary Kilobi's posh birthday party
Mary Kilobi's posh birthday party

KTN news anchor Mary Kilobi doesn't take savage demands lying down.

Yesterday, she shared a video of herself and her hubby, COTU Secretary General Francis Atwoli on a cruise of the Indian Ocean.

The location was tagged Kilifi Bay Resort. The couple has a palatial mansion in Kilifi.

The Kilifi mansion has been the bane of existence for many residents in Kilifi.

According to the residents, authorities have been denying them access to the public beach since Francis Atwoli moved into the area. 

"Your Bofa home has become a nuisance to the people of Kilifi, we can't access kwa Ngala beach like before APs chasing residents, lifesaver signs and all manner of restrictions. Tuachie bahari tujivinjari buana," a resident told Atwoli.

Atwoli addressed the claims saying, "As I have told you before, the beach has not been closed for the locals. The signpost was planted by Kilifi County after realizing that lives were being lost in the ocean without a rescue team around for safety purposes."

Here is a warning at the beachfront of Atwoli's home.

Now Mary has addressed a fan who also raised the same issue. 

An Instagram follower who goes by the name mamajastoyulemcute told Mary, "Muambie bwanako afungue public beach yetu ama atajua nguvu ya waganga wa coast๐Ÿ˜  hatutatishwa.

(Ask your husband to open the public beach, it belongs to us or else he will know the power of witch doctors. You will not intimidate us.)"

Mary responded, "Shindwe kwa jina la yesu! Nanyi mtajua nguvu za Mungu wake! Shindwe kabisa!

(May you be defeated in Jesus Name! And you will also know the power of his (Atwoli's) God! Riswa!)"

The follower did not bow out of the argument she added, "Ambia bwanako atufungulie bahari yetu. Pia huyo Mungu alitutengezea tuitumie sote, not some few selfish self-entitled species.๐Ÿ˜

(Tell your husband to let us use the ocean, that same God also created us so we can all use it, not some few selfish self-entitled species.)"

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