Political wheeler-dealer, Dennis Itumbi is in the spotlight again after a lady who claims to have a child emerged with more allegations about him.

The lady by the name Irene Mukami shared her plight with Mpasho.co.ke, pleading for justice writing;

"Naomba tu unisaidie nipate justice ya mtoto wangu we really suffering everytime I get a new lawyer they bribe them. I went to Kasarani Police Station to report but no one wanted to write an OB for me when they heard Itumbi’s name. We aren’t safe. Itumbi knows that I’m an orphan and I don't have siblings either. I don't know what will happen," she said. 

"Since the DNA was out, Itumbi asked for a mediation in which I wasn’t involved. They decided on their own and Itumbi started sending me 20k. Enricah was my lawyer she never told me anything actually when I ask her about the court date or even Itumbi’s ID copy so that I can get my baby's birth certificate she used to be rude to me. We don't have a medical cover and you know at this stage the child can get sick anytime," she added. 

The lady also claimed that Itumbi had confided in her that he had asked her to have an abortion after she told him he was pregnant. She added that the political activist had told her he was suffering from Leukemia.

When we contacted Mr. Itumbi about all the allegations, he responded, " If you are saying it is in your DM, with all fairness it is your DM handle it. If I get anything on my DM be sure, I will handle it there, as it now, I do not have a similar thing in my DM..that is all I have to say.."

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