Lillian Ng'ang'a was recently interviewed by the Saturday Nation and hinted at the possible reason why she left Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua.

She said that unnamed past issues had flared up last year with some inconsistencies she saw with Mr. Mutua that prompted her to call him out. She said that they weren't able to resolve them.

Another issue she had with the governor was that he was a control freak. "The second issue is that he is a control freak. I guess it is because he is in government and used to controlling people. Over the years, I have always done things his way. Last year, I told him that I wanted to do some things independently, which led to a lot of fights."

She added that she got a job late last year that prompted numerous fights between them. She said that the governor still wanted her to be the same way she had been when they first met, 10 years prior. "Fighting to become independent became a very big issue although I had supported him," she said.

During the interview, she also revealed that she had only left the home she shared with Alfred with her clothes after their break-up.

"When I moved out in June, I only took my clothes and nothing to return to him. I have always worked, had my salons, a travel company and the hotel," she said.

Adding, "I even asked him to list for me the things he had done for me, but the only thing he could say is ‘I paid your school fees’. Nothing more he has done for me as Wangui Ng’ang’a, so people are talking from a point of ignorance saying sijui (I don’t know) return this or that," she added. 

She also went on to clarify that she also had her own hustles even before she met Mr. Mutua. "When we separated, I only had a Land Cruiser belonging to the county government. I returned it before his birthday and even before my public announcement of our separation," she told Nation.

She said that the politician tried to entice her back with gifts and other privileges, even promising to formalise their engagement through a high-end wedding.

That wasn't all, Lillian alleged that Mr. Mutua even bought her an expensive car but that wouldn't sway her as she was committed to he cause to leave him.

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