• Lean individuals are more likely to gain more fat after starvation.

Added weight illustration
Added weight illustration
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Body weight and staying fit has been a major concern to many people.

Those following workout routines from the internet, regularly visiting the gym and trying to come up with a specific diet to cut down on specific foods such as sugary and fatty foods.

According to Martha Garcia, a freelance writer who has specialised I'm health and wellness, "starving to loose weight makes your body more likely,  in the long run, to replenish fat.

It uses the new basal metabolic rate from starvation mode. Lean individuals are more likely to gain more fat after starvation.

" To that end,the body's system didn't "reset" itself until all the body fat lost during the period of starvation was regained.This negates any process made during this period."

Looking at it in a practical or amateur way,when you suddenly change your eating schedule from the regular eating routine to staying for long hours without eating,  you get to a point where you can't handle it anymore and when you finally decide to eat, you might end up way more than you would regularly eat.

The starvation method might work for some people but of course not everybody.

In an article written by Jillian Kuala in healthline, she gives ideas on how to meal prep for weight loss and meal ideas and recepies.

Jillian quotes " though you may be surprised to hear this,you don't need to follow any particular diet for weight loss."

Jillian states that a weight loss-friendly dietary pattern is just like any other balanced diet.

It should be nutritionally complete, affordable, appropriate,culturally acceptable, enjoyable and sustainable.