Machakos governor Alfred Mutua
Image: Instagram

2021 has produced a new thorn in the flesh for Alfred Mutua and that person's name is the political activist, Boniface Mwangi.

Mr. Mwangi called out the Machakos governor in a series of inflammatory videos this week that even caused Mr. Mutua to issue a demand letter towards him.

In an interview with the Capital FM, Mr. Mutua spoke about his fight with Mr. Mwangi and said that he didn't want to focus on sideshows.

“We need to have a discussion on policies that are going to change the lives of the millions of our young people who are educated and have no jobs, our mothers who are broke because there is no money, and also on how we are going to change the lives of our people from what has been to what should have been a very long time ago. That is the conversation I am interested in.”

In another interview with The Standard, Mr. Mutua re-iterated that he wasn't interested in dealing with people trying to detract him from his presidential aspirations.

“People will bring sideshows to deflect me from my main focus of becoming president. I see them for who they are. And, I say: I’m seeing what you’re about to do. I am not going to be caught up in games that are trying to distract me,” he said.

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