Alfred Mutua had a wide-ranging interview with the Standard and spoke about his 10-year relationship with Lillian Ng'ang'a that ended this year.

On why they had broken up, Mr. Mutua said; “When you have issues with people you have lived with, let them (differences) remain there (in the private space). No one is perfect in this world. Just have a little respect and decorum.”

When asked again why they had broken up, Mr. Mutua refused to engage saying that he wasn't going to speak about the relationship;

"I won’t. It is disrespectful to the other person. It’s funny that people don’t understand that relationships can end without major issues. It’s possible to tell your partner: ‘it’s been nice’, and she says the same too. That’s maturity… Maturity’s when you realise that you don’t own anybody.”

And does he miss Lillian? “You miss people who come into your life. The people who are in your life, even for a month, two months, or 20 years, they leave a part of them in you. It is natural for you to miss them. You have to be the devil incarnate for you not to miss them,” Mutua says.

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