Kenya's goat wives are not happy that the curfew has been vacated.

Not happy at all.

One woman shot a video of her frustration. She is in a car driving around town looking for her errant husband.

In the video, she can be heard begging President Uhuru Kenyatta to return the night curfew.

"Uhuru rudisha curfew, tumepata mimba kwa hii mwaka moja na nusu sasa mabwana wametutoroka. Hakuna bwana kwa nyumba. (Uhuru please return the curfew. We got pregnant during the one and half year curfew and ow that it has been vacated,there is no husband in the house)"

Adding, "Hatuwezi share wanaume. Mabwana wote wako injee leo. Mimi nikiwa Mama ODM, tunataka curfew iendelee, hata sasa natafuta bwana sijui ameenda wapi. (We cannot share our men. Today all our men are out. As Mama ODM, I would like for the curfew to continue. Like right now, i'm looking for my husband and i cannot find him.)"

She explained, "Mabwana walikua wanarudi kwa nyumba saa tatu. Sasa unataka tushare mabwana na wanawake wengine, hiyo ni makosa. (Our husbands would be home by 9am. Now, you want us to share them with with other women? that is so wrong!)"

Listen to their please below.

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