Prime minister Raila Odinga is on the headlines for rocking fake  Air Jordans. The popular politician received the gift from young entrepreneurs.

Nairobi West Niccur, the duo who gifted baba, wrote on social media, "Our job is to inspire the youth #babafortheyouth."

Raila explained that he got the Nike kicks from "two young men called Ali and Hillary."

Well, netizens have been on the prowl and they found out that the gift to baba is fake.

Real Nike Air Jordans are shaped differently from the pair gifted to baba and they retail for a cool USD 2297 (Ksh 254,733).

Air Jordans
Air Jordans

Even after the photos of Raila wearing the shows went viral, the duo still maintains via their socials  that ni "Swagga balaa," adding, "The money don't sleep so we can't rest."

Pointing out that they will keep grinding.

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