Political activist Boniface Mwangi seems to be where the action normally is. This lazy Friday day, the outspoken photographer shared a story about a run-in with some cops who had apparently come to harass Kenyans at the barbershop he was getting service at.

The incident left him with physical injuries but they were a scratch compared to the moral and ethical he witnessed. Read his message below;

Our country is broken. I was at my barbershop when some young men walked in, with a General Service officer and arrested the receptionist. We asked them to identify themselves, they said they were from Kenya Revenue Authority but they didn’t have any identification cards. We requested them to call someone who had a job ID.The GSU officer left and came back with the lady in the video. It turns out that the young men without IDs and the GSU officers are under the command of Nairobi Metropolitan Services employee. It’s Friday and they’re picking people from shops, beating them and taking them to a lorry for not having “branding licenses”. It's a long weekend because Monday is a holiday they know people will bribe them to get released. Because l recorded them, the GSU officers wanted to take my phone, I refused and in my attempt to run away, I slid and fell. They caught up with me, and beat me up. Even after the beating l refused to hand over my phone. Because we raised our voices, not a single person was arrested in the entire Pension Towers building. l was slightly injured. The harassment and the brutalization of innocent citizens going about their business was captured on the building’s CCTV. Have your encountered these extortionists in your business? They need to be identified, named and shamed.

Most of his fans and followers commiserated with the father of 3, applauding him for standing up for the rights of those unnamed Kenyans.

What would you have done in such a situation were you in Eric's position?

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