Crime scene
Crime scene

Leaders in Gem constituency have petitioned the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) and the government to discipline their legislator for allegedly threatening the life of a nominated MCA. 

Led by Dr. Jalang’o Midiwo and Gem ODM women league chair, Mrs. Esther Omondi, the leaders said unless quick action was taken political violence and other forms of crime were likely to escalate in the constituency thus scaring women from participating in politics. 

The leaders, who included nominated MCA, Linda Juma, were addressing the media after the MCA recorded a statement at Yala police station over alleged threats to his life by the MP. 

Mrs. Juma said that the legislators gave her a 20-day ultimatum to stop maligning him or risk facing unknown consequences. 

“I have reported to Yala police station, OB number 12/4/10/2021 and the case is being handled by the criminal investigations department,” Juma said adding that the legislator called her on Sunday evening. 

She said that the legislator boasted that he had money and could do anything to her. 

“He told me that the voters who elected him will hunt me down and hurt me in the next 20 days if I do not stop maligning his name in public forums,” said the MCA. 

The ODM league chairperson for Gem constituency, Mrs. Omondi said it was disheartening that a legislator could threaten a woman leader and hurl unprintable words at her. 

She said that the threats should not be taken lightly as the constituency has been recording frequent incidents of mysterious deaths. 

Dr. Midiwo, who has declared interest in the Gem parliamentary seat in 2022, accused the MP of targeting people he perceives to be opposed to his leadership. 

“Most disturbing is that he has chosen to single out female members of my team for such goonish threats” he said adding that it was not a crime for anybody to yearn for any political seat in Kenya. 

“This is to put the MP on notice and to inform him that contesting for a seat in the general elections in Kenya is every Kenyan’s constitutional right as enshrined in the 2010 constitution and his good friend and political partner, senior counsel James Orengo is best placed to advise him,” said the medical doctor who is a brother to the immediate former Gem MP, the late Jakoyo Midiwo. 

Dr. Midiwo lamented that this was not the first time that Gem constituents opposed to the MP was receiving threats and called on the police and the national government to go to the bottom of the matter lest the public decides that enough was enough and take the law into their hands. 

Gem MP, Elisha Odhiambo who addressed ODM delegates at Wagai today, declined to comment on the matter. 

However, Gem sub county police commander, Charles Chacha confirmed that the nominated member of the county assembly had reported the threats to Yala police station. 

Chacha said that the matter was under investigations by the directorate of criminal investigations.

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