Karen Nyamu opens up on being raised by a strict dad

• Karen added that her father is fully supportive of her political ambitions.

Karen Nyamu
Karen Nyamu

Politician Karen Njeri Nyamu has shared details about her upbringing.

In a recent interview with Jeff Kuria, the mother of two said she is the second born in a family of four.

She added that her father is fully supportive of her political ambitions.

She acknowledges that she was a bright student while in school but very naughty.

''Even at home, I am considered the most rebellious child. In school, I was so bright. My teachers made me the head girl but I rarely followed rules.

In high school, when I was in Form four, I remember we broke into a canteen because we wanted to steal sausages. I was in the midst of eating a sausage when our watchman came and saw us. We were suspended. We couldn't be expelled since we were doing exams.

I finished my KCSE as a day scholar. My dad used to drop me from Nairobi to Limuru every day. But I passed my exams.''

Karen said that while many consider her wild, she is very conservative, prayerful and focused.

She added that after joining Nairobi University, there was a lot of freedom.

''My dad made sure I was home every weekend. I started drinking in college but I knew it was a must for me to go home with my degree. Most of my classmates did not graduate.''

Karen encouraged the youths to keep pushing their dreams and not to depend on godmothers/god fathers.

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