• Lilian and Mutua have chosen to keep the memories of their past. 

Lilian Nganga and Alfred Mutua
Image: Instagram

Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua still hold memories of his ex-wife Lilian Ng'ang'a. 

Even after announcing their split, Alfred Mutua still invited Lilian to his birthday party. 

A sneak peek into Alfred Mutua's social media accounts shows that he is still keeping memories of Lilian Ng'ang'a alive. 

There are many pictures of the couple together on trips, and government functions.

On her part, Lilian also has photos of Alfred Mutua on her social media pages. 

Despite announcing her relationship with Rapper Juliani, Lilian still holds memories of her past relationship.

Unlike other couples who delete photos of each other on social media platforms after breaking up, Lilian and Mutua have chosen to keep the memories of their past. 

The couple had shared properties in their names, one was the A&L Hotel in Machakos County. 

Many were curious about whether the hotel's name will be changed now that they are no longer dating. 

But Alfred Mutua dismissed this;

“There were concerns about what would happen to the name of the hotel we built together, and which we named A&L Hotel (Alfred & Lillian Hotel). But why would I change the name now?

This is still our hotel. It is our baby. When parents divorce, do they deny their babies the right to use the names on the birth certificates?”

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