Wacheni tuu ufala! Jaymo Ule Msee lectures President Uhuru and William Ruto

• Jaymo, who campaigned for the duo in 2017 warns that their drama is not a good thing for Kenya.

Jaymo with Uhuru and Ruto
Jaymo with Uhuru and Ruto
Image: Instagram

Comedian Jaymo Ule Msee has written a hard-hitting letter to President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy, William Ruto. 

In his address to the two, Jaymo asks them to iron out their difference for the sake of the country. 

The comedian says the current disagreements between Uhuru and Ruto displayed publicly are dividing the youths. 

Jaymo, who campaigned for the duo in 2017 warns that their drama is not a good thing as Kenya heads to the 2022 General Elections. 

He wrote;

Dear President Uhuru/Deputy President Ruto ,

I come to you as a Young Kenyan who supported you and campaigned to have you lead Us !Kindly spare us the Drama Festivals that you are subjecting us while serving in the same Government.

Mlituambia tuwachague mbadilishe Maisha Yetu! Kama mko na issues either mkae chini msort out kama watu wawili wazima or you stop this antics and tactics that are dividing the many Young Kenyans that woke up to vote for you .

Whether for politics or anything whatever is happening in this country championed by both your foot soldiers is very dangerous for this country.

Wacheni tu ufala na mfanye ile kazi mliitisha..MaYouths wakifanya blunder juu yenu 2022 kumbukeni bado nyinyi ni customers ICC."

Lately, the President and his deputy have exposed their strained relationship, with Ruto being asked to resign from government.

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