•"We expect journalists and media practitioners intending to vie for elective positions not to use their positions to influence their campaigns or to attack or deny their opponents rightful space to sell their agenda.” - David Omwoyo

Image: Courtesy

Kiss FM radio presenter Jalango will have to resign from his radio job six months before he goes to vie for the Langata member of Parliament seat.

In a statement MCK issued on Thursday, August 19, the regulatory body stated that journalists who want to run for political office should resign from their posts ahead of the August 2022 polls.

"As it applies in the public service where civil servants intending to vie for political office are required to leave office six months to elections and are under strict edicts not to use their space and influence to campaign for political office, the media is no exception," MCK announced.

While stating that it has received complaints from elected leaders about journalists, especially talk show hosts who are using their positions for personal attacks and political mileage.

MCK cautioned that journalists and editors wield an important weapon and power which requires them to be beyond reproach.

"The Council is committed to ensuring that all journalists and media practitioners adhere to the expected standards and in line with the Code of Conduct for the Practice of journalists in Kenya," MCK said.

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