Ezekiel Mutua Leaked WhatsApp
Ezekiel Mutua Leaked WhatsApp

The KFCB boss Dr Ezekiel Mutua is breathing fire.

After he was called out for his "shenanighans" on social media, by Victor Muniafu the CEO of Machawood, a livid Ezekiel shot him a nasty text message.

In the text message, Ezekiel calls Muniafu's comments "foolish" and full of "bile".

The drama started when Muniafu lent his support for Gidi Gidi to take over Ezekiel's job at KFCB.

Read all about it here.

Muniafu posted on his socials saying, "Time is ripe for creatives to step forward and take over from the exiting self-proclaimed "moral cop" aka "Deputy Jesus" when his term ends later this year."

Adding, "The die is cast and the end of an error is nigh so more creatives must be prepared to apply for the job when it comes up for grabs soon after years of insults and shenanigans surrounding the current leadership...

I wouldn't wish anyone bad luck or celebrate their exit but we can wish him well in their future endeavours away from the creative industry where they can probably focus on setting up a children's protection centre... Good riddance indeed."

A livid Ezekiel texted Muniafu asking him, "Shameless old man!"

Adding, "What you are calling shenanigans sponsored your events for years, paid for your trips in and out of the country and supported you when you begged for help.

Your bile and foolish comments do not change anything. There's no vacancy at KFCB CEO's position. Meza wembe!"

Check out the conversation in the screenshot below.

Dr Ezekiel Mutua's leaked WhatsApp messages.
Dr Ezekiel Mutua's leaked WhatsApp messages.

Muniafu is also the current acting Chief Officer, Tourism and Culture in Machakos county and the Chairman of the Kenya Film and TV Professional Association (KFTPA), an association that brings together professionals working in the film and TV industry.

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