Gidi Gidi and Dr Ezekiel Mutua
Gidi Gidi and Dr Ezekiel Mutua

Popular radio presenter Gidi Gidi - real name Joseph Ogidi - has declared that it is about time, someone of his calibre headed the Kenya Film Classification Board.

The government agency is headed by Dr Ezekiel Mutua.

This comes at a time when Ezekiel is embroiled in a war of words with the president of African Comedy Eric Omondi.

He claimed that he is a peasant with no money or influence. This angered a lot of creatives who feel like a leader who heads an entertainment agency should not be belittling the people he works for.

Anyhow, Gidi took to his social media to call him out and say, he is coming for his job.

"I'm ready to take over from Dr Ezekiel Mutua as the regulatory executive in the creative industry. KFCB must be structured to reflect the modern reality of content creation and give space for creativity to prosper responsibly."

Reactions include one long post by Victor Muniafu who supported the move.

He wrote: "Time is ripe for creatives to step forward and take over from the exiting self-proclaimed "moral cop" aka "Deputy Jesus" when his term ends later this year."

Adding, "The transformation of KFC after Timothy Owase was appointed CEO is a clear indication that a good leader should have some basic knowledge or understanding of the industry he/she is supposed to serve..."

Muniafu continued, "The die is cast and the end of an error is nigh so more creatives must be prepared to apply for the job when it comes up for grabs soon after years of insults and shenanigans surrounding the current leadership... I wouldn't wish anyone bad luck or celebrate their exit but we can wish him well in their future endeavours away from the creative industry where they can probably focus on setting up a children's protection centre... Good riddance indeed."

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