• Several memes and funny clips compilations have been made from Atwoli's speeches.
Francis Atwoli
Image: Courtesy

COTU Secretary-general Francis Atwoli is not only a defender of workers, but also an entertainer in his own ways. 

Atwoli, who is an active participant in Kenyan politics has hit the headlines over political controversies, but thereafter Kenyans find humour in his speeches. 

Several memes and funny clips compilations have been made from Atwoli's speeches. Here are the most common slogans, and how they came to be. 

1. Alaaar!

The slogan is currently being used by Kenyans from all walks of life.  

Today, you will find many people using it as an exclamation in their conversations. 

Atwoli said the word during an interview with Jeff Koinange, expressing his shock at a topic they were discussing.

2. Shenzi!

The COTU boss was the founder of the Shenzi slogan that is widely used in exclamations. 

Atwoli said these words when he was insulting the Luhya community over being used by politicians. 

He called them 'Washenzi' and went on to retaliate the words 'Shenzi.'

3.Na Tusitishwe Sisi!

This has also become a popular slogan among many Kenyans. Most memes on Manchester United fan's arrogance have been made from the slogan. 

'Na Tusitishwe Sisi' are the words of Francis Atwoli, when he warned those opposing the BBI during its launch at Bomas. 

4. Sisi Hatuna Nguvu, Sisi Hatuna Uwezo!

The phrase, that has been used to make funny memes and videos originated from Francis Atwoli. 

In the video, Atwoli was asking why God has given Kenya leaders who are thieves.

COTU secretary general Francis Atwoli on Saturday prayed to God to intervene in corruption matters affecting Kenya while in Eldoret. See story https://goo.gl/846Dxo