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First daughter Ngina Kenyatta
First daughter Ngina Kenyatta
Image: The Star

One Shem Beverton Mukalo a Facebook user who likes to refer to himself as 'the cane cutter's son' has left social media users in awe. He poured out his heart to first daughter Ngina Kenyatta asking her to accept his proposal to be her lover.

Shem is convinced that president Uhuru Kenyatta will not object.

He caught fans with the body of artistic words he chose to use describing her as the epitome of moral rectitude and innocence "unlike the cunning, soul-scarred drama queens"

He went on to narrate how he was planning to take Ngina around the world promising to shed the last drop of his blood to win her over.

Well, here is the love letter that many have found rather entertaining.

Dear Ngina Kenyatta,

"Receive my warmest greetings from the bowels of Emuhaya, the land that bears the remains of my ancestors and boasts of a long line of great men, as I quaff tea in the comfort of my hut to ward off the chill. I hope you are doing fine ensconced in the regal atmosphere of State House. I am sure the lights at the house on the hill are off, for how can they be on when the glow of your skin can provide adequate illumination? Forgive my puerile impertinence in disturbing your peace by seeking your indulgence this late in the evening, princess.

I am the son of a cane cutter; the latest casualty of your blinding beauty. A beauty that has the ability of uncocking a gun. To behold you is to suffer from desire. You speak as Pavarotti sings. I am under your spell. No woman has been able to fire my imagination and hog my consciousness the way you have. If you have an ounce of poetry in your soul, you can tell already that I am head over heels in love with you.

You are a queen who needs a king. A special woman who needs a man who will truly love her and quell the fire in her being. I swear by my ancestors to be that king who will shower you with unbridled affection. To give your life a sense of meaning and direction. My overriding ambition is to take you down a sun-bathed isle as confetti rains. How glorious would it be for the son of a cane cutter to confound expectations by sliding a golden ring into the finger of the scion of privilege. I have no doubt that your father, President Uhuru Kenyatta, a man with great sense, won't object to our marriage.

I promise to take you around the world. To take you to the Greek island of Mykonos to sample fried lobsters, the pinnacle of that island's cuisine. To take you to Rio De Janeiro to behold the spectacle that is the Christu Redente monument. To take you to Cairo, the home of ancient pyramids; architectural masterpieces bearing the remains of ancient Egyptian kings and queens.

You are a good woman with a heart of emerald unlike the cunning, soul-scarred drama queens, who populate the length and breadth of our beloved country from Nairobi to Kirinyaga, and who thrive in breaking hearts. A gentle soul. The epitome of moral rectitude and innocence. You are incapable of hurting a fly let alone breaking the heart of the son of a cane cutter. Cursed are those who think you are capable of subjecting me to the melancholy of unrequited love.

I love you with every fibre of my being, my princess . Grant me the chance to demonstrate my love for you. Tell me what it will take to conquer your heart because I am willing to go the whole hog, to shed the last drop of my blood in that blessed endeavor. It is my hope that you will spare me the agony of waiting by responding to my romantic overtures.

Yours lovingly,

Shem Beverton Mukalo, the cane cutter's son"

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