As Kenyans continue to deal with the absolute shock from Dennis Okari’s scary investigative dubbed Red Alert, supermarkets are now coming out to clarify that they are not in any way, shape or form associated with adding chemicals to meat.

Personally, I've stopped eating meat Samosas until further notice but getting a feeling of clarity is always good. I'm just glad that one of my fave supermarkets has come out to defend itself.

Check out the press statement below.


16 July 2019

Following the #RedAlert expose which was broadcast on NTV on Sunday 14 July 2019, Shoprite Kenya today stated that it has a zero tolerance policy regarding practices aimed at extending the shelf life of meat or any other food items in any of its stores across the continent, including its two supermarkets in Kenya.

● Shoprite Kenya’s fresh meat is sourced from regulated and licensed local suppliers.

● The spice batch packs used in Shoprite Kenya’s Meat Markets to produce processed products are sourced from renowned international manufacturers who comply with all local and international health and safety requirements.

● Shoprite Kenya has a robust food safety and hygiene programme in place in its supermarkets which is adhered to by all employees on a daily basis.

● This is supported by ongoing staff training regarding food safety practices.

● Shoprite Kenya continues to work closely with its suppliers to ensure food safety and compliance in line with local and international best practice.

Right then, so where was that meat from? Your thoughts?