Believe it or not, Jeff Mote got fired. Having an illustrious career on radio is one of the rarest things that can happen to anyone.

Things have always seemed to have been on an onward and upward trend for one of Kenya's most celebrated radio personalities . However, being fired was never something he thought would happen to him in his career. .

Most Kenyans would kill to be on radio and Jeff Mote had been given a slot because he had an amazing voice and he was a natural. This came to him because of his passion.

It's interesting to note that Jeff has always been passionate about radio. He never gave up. He constantly practiced his trade. He ignored the naysayers and worked hard on himself. Most of his friends had asked him to quit but no! Not him, not ever.

He did not give up. He is in his purpose and he is now blazing the trail with numerous gigs and voice-overs. I'm sure you've heard his voice in many commercials. You, too, can do it. Follow your passion and  ...because when you find your purpose, what you do has more impact.