Most politician’s kids are known for their posh lives, but this one is different. He is well known for his fashion sense,he got taste: Good taste. Am talking about Kibaki’s hottie of a grandson, Sean Andrew.

Lets not talk about his break up with ex-girlfriend and Youtuber Elodie Zone -atleast for today- but one thing for sure, Sean Andrew is one of the most stylish lads who is linked to a “royal” family.

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Talking to The Star, the 23 year old model revealed that he loves the smart casual look although he sometimes rocks casual really well. Forget the fact that he gives city girls sleepless nights with his hunk looks, Sean, a USIU student, says that he hates men on crop tops. Yes, HATE!

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“For what I don’t like? Haha… I hate it when men wear crop tops! I don’t know where that trend is coming from. I hate all these swag types: baggy jeans, jean jackets… that sort of stuff.”

You heard it ladies, if ever you wear a jean jacket, you will be a terrible turn off to this hunk. Thank me later!

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