Kenyan politicians fail miserably when it comes to putting their best foot forward in matters fashion.
To beat this weakness, should borrow a leaf from Joho.

Racheal Zoe once said,

“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.”

Guys, dies this statement ring true when it is applied to our local politicians?

Truth be told some of them have a fashion sense that is about as exciting as chopping red onions.

Here is a list of politicians who sometimes have huge misses based on some fashion choices they make.

1. Governor Sonko

The Nairobi governor kicks off this list.

Despite wearing designer clothes Sonko’s fashion sense is sometimes disastrous. Take for example, the shiny gold Gucci tracksuit he wore for Beyond Zero marathon.

The only time he dresses sharp is when attending state functions. But when it comes to dressing down, he showcases gaudy to the maximum.

Governor Sonko

2. Nanok

The Turkana governor is doing a good job when it comes to working for his people but we cannot turn a blind eye to his eyebrow raising fashion sense which needs an upgrade.

As much as he comes from a community that is slowly picking itself up that is no excuse to make us wish we were his fashion consultants.

The likes of fashion designer John Kaveke and consultant Robert Burale would come in handy in helping the laid back governor.

3. Elizabeth Ongoro

The former Ruaraka MP needs a wardrobe upgrade that will flatter her beautiful body, which is worth appreciating. The former politician is mostly seen rocking oversized African attires which don’t do her any justice.

Services from the likes of This is Ess, Wambui Mukenyi would come in handy in helping her transform.


4. Peter Kaluma

Homa Bay MP  is mostly spotted in colour blocking shirts.

A well fitting suit and a few changes in his wardrobe would do him good.

Image result for photos of kaluma

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5. Boni Khalwale

Known for his love for bullfighting, the daring politician’s wardrobe is wanting and a few tips from Mombasa governor Hassan Joho would really take him ahead.

His love for bright coloured shirts even in somber situations is wanting and we suggest he hires a designer.

Bony Khalwale
Bony Khalwale

Below are stylish celebs and politicians people can borrow a leaf from.

1. Juma Jux

Other artistes who have mastered the art of rocking in suits include

2. Ommy Dimpoz

 Ommy is one musician who only has taste for the finer things in life.

The most admirable thing about him, however, is the fact that whether he is in suits or not he is still as fashionable as a man can be.

Ommy Dimpoz

3. Larry Madowo

The BBC reporter is a true definition of swanky and fashionable.

What is, however, more noticeable is that he is a lover of blue suits.

Larry Madowo

4. Rashid Abdallah

Rashid looks swanky in suits but even away from work, he is still fashionable as you would never catch him rocking ‘Seng’eng’e ni ng’ombe’ t-shirts.

Rashid Adbadalla

5. Diamond Platnumz

Tanzanian artiste Diamond is another entertainer who looks good in suits thanks to his body type.

The father of four oozes confidence wherever he goes with his dressing.

Diamond Platnumz

6. Otile Brown

Truth be told, the ‘Baby Love’ hitmaker knows too well, a suit maketh man.

To top it all he has a body to die for and good looks that can win over any woman.

Otile Brown

 Dj Sadic

The gospel spin master is the epitome of a fashion icon. With his lean body, Sadic brings out the best in suits.

The fact that he is tall, dark and handsome is an added advantage.

DJ Sadic


Mombasa governor is among the most fashionable Kenyan politicians. Weather in official or in casual clothing he kills it.

Governor Joho

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