Police have arrested a former presidential aspirant Jaffer Isaak Sora for being in possession of 445 kilograms of ganja a.k.a bhang.

This was in Marsabit town.

The Eastern region police boss Esther Kihiko told Nation that said the 45-year-old politician was ferrying the drugs suspected to have been sourced from Ethiopia in his Toyota Prado trailer.

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The politician, Issak was stopped by police officers at a roadblock on Wednesday night and declined the request to have his vehicle searched.

Police then arrest him and towed his vehicle to the Marsabit Police Station where they found the drugs stashed in the car trailer.

In a past Twitter post, Isaak told his political followers:

“After covering over 10k km across Kenya I believe we can achieve revolution and change Kenya for good.”

On his Facebook, he also highlighted his agenda saying, “Covered many counties in Kenya just arrived home to be with family for 2 days before I get going to meet more people.”

Isaak will be arraigned in court on Thursday, June 20.

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