Peter Mugure
CID officers arrest Peter Mugure

A military officer *Peter* has today shocked Kenyans after narrating to Maina Kageni how he forgave his wife after she got pregnant for another man while he was out working.

Peter was giving his sentiments on the recent murder of Joyce Syombua by her husband major Peter Mugure on Classic 105.

According to Peter, his now ex-wife was warming another man’s bed while he was busy protecting Kenya’s territory.

‘My wife started sleeping with another man and got pregnant in the process. Upon realizing her mistake she tried to procure an abortion .

I told her not to do so as SH*T had already happened.

I wanted her to know I had accepted her pregnancy but I wanted her to give birth so that we could find out the real identity of the child’s father,’ he told Maina Kageni.

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Peter added,

‘I told her to leave my home and go to that other man but she kept resisting. she tried bringing her people to talk to me but I said, ‘no.’

Peter added that he had already forgiven her but was not ready to take her back.

‘I had forgiven her but I was not going to take her back.

I stay with the kids BECAUSE she only went with the kid she got with the other man.

If she gets into problems I assist, I hated her behaviour and not her.

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Peter added,

‘This issue of people killing is just creating problems .

You were living without that person (wife/husband) before and you can always start life afresh if things do not work out.

As a police officer, you can go to the field for so long and the only thing we always pray for, is for us to find our families intact. Our wives however take advantage of the situation.’

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