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Police are looking for a 24-year- old man who allegedly defiled a 9-year old class three minor at Kitibei village in Baringo North Sub-county.

The suspect who dropped out of primary school two years ago and known for terrorizing young girls in the village is still at large, according to authorities.

“Her mother had sent her around 12 pm to collect her young brother at a nearby Isass Junior academy on Saturday 9” enraged father told media on Friday.

He the child reported that she was dragged to Tuptoin forest before being done the indecent act by a man [known to her] before running away.

Again, the incident reportedly occurred barely some 200 metres away from the home of Bartoloimo Location Chief Isaac Chemjor who is being accused by the villagers for failing to take any action since then to arrest the suspect.

“But due to her fear and discomfort about the matter she collected the courage to report it to her mother on Monday 11” he said, adding that since then she has been sick at home and even not able to walk to school.

The girl was then rushed to Kabartonjo Sub-county Hospital for check up but the laboratory results proved negative for defilement and based on the medical report police had declined to arrest the suspect.

“I was almost sure the clinical officer in Kabartonjo hospital, who is our neighbor at home, would compromise the situation because he is related to the accused” said the father, doubting also the volume of drugs prescribed to her daughter.

However after taking the child for further examination at Baringo County Referral Hospital in Kabarnet town on Thursday 14, the results proved that the child was actually defiled, although there was no reactive infection was detected immediately.

Doctors report read; [having examined and interviewed the child said she was defiled by a person known to her (child) and the father on June 9 while collecting her brother in school).

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After the results, the family now asking for justice calling upon the relevant authorities to take up the matter and have the suspect convicted.

According the Isass Sub-location assistant chief Daniel Cherop he has earlier arrested the suspect and handed to police over similar act to another minor, but the family followed it up and requested the matter be handled at home.

Today he has repeated again the same mistake…so I have already notified Police in Kipsaraman and it will be our work the all day today to look for him” Cherop said on Friday.

He further said arresting him will also be of help for his own safety owing to the wrath of the charged village youth who are already searching around to lynch him.