Ugandan artiste turned political activist and Member of Parliament Bobi Wine has had to endure a lot. He recently announced his interest in vying for the Ugandan presidency and that has seemingly opened him to a world of hurt and victimization.

Bobi Wine announces his bid for presidential candidacy

And though the political persecution didn’t start with his declared interest, it has surely escalated. Prior to, the man who is a vocal critic of Yoweri Museveni was “kidnapped” by state agents who held him illegally for some time prompting worldwide condemnation.

He was trending over the Easter weekend because of his latest arrest with many, myself included feeling the Ugandan police used excessive force to capture him. I recently got my hands on the arrest video and it is scary to think Uganda could have regressed back to the dark days of political intolerance and state-sanctioned intimidation of political figures.

In his recent declaration of interest, he indicated that he would be pursuing a unified opposition: a coalition of all the leading political leaders opposed to Yoweri Museveni’s announcement that he will vie once more for a further term as President of Uganda.