Members of Le Band – a Kenyan boy band which became immensely popular after releasing the song dubbed Number One – are in mourning following the death of a loved one.

Through a post on their Instagram page on Friday, the band broke the sad news that their vocalist and guitarist who goes by the name Abraham “Abe” Kiptanui had lost his dad.

A few days ago, his father succumbed to cardiac arrest at the hospital where he had been admitted.

The band said the reason why it took some time to comment on his sudden demise was to allow his family to grieve in peace.

Describing him as their father, Le band said it will really miss him because he came through  for them especially when they were shooting the video of their latest single.

Here’s the photos:

So we've tried keeping this low key but we have gotten so many dms and calls asking about it. So yes, a few days ago a member of Le band @abewinchester did lose his dad to cardiac arrest. The reason we haven't commented on it is to allow for the family and most of all @abewinchester to be able to grieve in peace. It shocked all of us really and it's not been easy. We will definitely miss our father, a man who came thru at a Very hard time during the #number1 video. The show Must go on still because that is what he would have liked for us. Thru his support and advise that is definitely what he so dearly wished for us his sons. We ask that #teamleband be with us in prayer for our brother, his family and all of us in general, for peace. This has been bitter sweet, especially with the good performance of number 1 Anyway REST IN POWER DAD

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Rest In Peace. You fought the good fight and finished the race. Pole sana Abe!

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