Victor Wanyama

Harambee Stars captain Victor Wanyama is a man of few words. The Kenyan international, who’s not so social like his counterparts, prefers a low-key lifestyle.

Victor Wanyama

The superstar is currently in the country. He has broken the hearts of Kenyan women after he revealed that he will be walking down the aisle soon. All that remains to be decided now is the perfect date and venue.

“Suti ya harusi bado inapimishwa halafu bado inatafutwa. Date ndio shida lakini tunatafuta hiyo date, bado tu date na venue nitawaambia. Ngojeni,” he told Word Is.

Although he did not specify whether the lucky woman warming his bed is Kenyan or a foreigner, Kenyans are now eager to dance and dine at the football legend’s wedding.


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Wanyama said he loves children, and during most of his free time, he spends time with children.

“I love chilling and talking to kids in my free time, or you would find me enjoying some football at home,” he said.

The Tottenham Hotspur player acknowledges his family for being supportive of his career and being there for him.

“I have my family all the time. Every time a person from the family is always around,” he said.

Being one of the most disciplined players in the football world, Wanyama urges his counterparts to stay focused.

“I know women are there, and we need to work hard but first concentrate on the career then the rest follow. My advice is to just keep working hard but remember discipline should always be there,” he said.

The superstar is known for his great sense of fashion, and he always turns heads when he steps out. Wanyama is a classic man, and he has been spotted wearing Marcelo Burlon County of Milan T-shirts on different occasions. One of the T-shirts is the Marcelo Burlon Rainbow wings T-shirt, which cost Sh20,623, and another one is Marcelo Burlon Camou wings T-shirt, worth Sh18,136.

Recently, he met NASA leader Raila Odinga, and they discussed taking Kenyan football to higher levels.

“Great meeting the Kenyan Legend Victor Wanyama of Tottenham Hotspurs. He stopped by Capitol Hill and promised to carry Kenya to the next World Cup. I congratulated him on mentoring young Kenyans and encouraging them to follow his footsteps and lift the standards of football and professional sports in general in the country,” Raila posted.

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