Patricia Kihoro

Popular vlogger and Homeboyz radio presenter Patricia Kihoro has revealed that this year started on a bad note for her.

Through her YouTube channel, Patricia revealed that she was robbed at the beginning of 2019, while she was on holiday.

She said that she was working with the police to recover her valuables;


I wanna talk about how my year has started. It has been such a weird, weird time, I got robbed my TV was stolen, my laptop, my camera my hard drive my phone and my mafuta! Like they took my oils and I’m like Huh? My hard drive was the most painful thing because it was where I used to back up everything. Anything I have saved from 2010 till  before I traveled they took.

She added:

I’ve been working with the cops and they are currently working on it. It’s one of those things I had to make peace with because I can’t dwell on it…I have accepted everything, I was surprisingly calm on the day so I think I’m okay I think am in a good space.

Her supporters among them Janet Mbugua flooded the comment section with sympathies messages and below are the some of them:

Janet Mbugua: Sending nothing but positivity your way Patricia. Thank you for your honesty. You will THRIVE this year. 🙏🏾❤️

Joanna Kinuthia: So sorry that you were robbed 😣

Sheila Ndunda: Oh Pat, I’m so sorry about the robbery. Yaaas this year will be bigger and better. Sending you all the love.

Bahati Nzuri: You know what they say, bad situations only pave the way for better things!! Sending love and virtual hugs your way! ❤️ And as usual, thanks for leaving me in a laughing coma. You’re such a gem!

Joy Biwott: Mental health check Pat. I hope you are well today ? Anyone feeling down and depressed? Sending so much love,light and (((((HUGGSS)))) This too shall pass.

Wakio Akinyi: Woi jameni… seems like so many of us had so many lows in January.. but Shetani ashindwe..we’re winners!! I’m sorry Pat 😣