Man Nyari

A public outcry saved Emmanuel Gicheha a.k.a Man Nyari from joblessness after he was among the 160 employees who were fired by Mediamax.

Man Nyari hosts a segment on Kameme FM dubbed ‘Njanjo Ya Muturire’ which reunites families.

Taking to social media to share the good news Gicheha wrote,

‘The voice of the people, the voice of God!

Hallo team Njanjo! I want to take this opportunity to thank the Almighty God for hearing our cry…

the voice of Wanjiku, the cry of the of the voiceless.

You remember Dorcas in the Bible? how she used to help the widows? when she died all the widows gathered cried to God to raise her.

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Apostle Peter had to pray and God raise have called me back to “life”.
The work we did was a living sacrifice before the throne of God.’

He then went on to thank Mediamax for giving him a second chance.

‘Thank you mediamax for giving me another chance to serve the voiceless and the down trodden, Giving hope to the hopeless.

May God help me to serve His people in this great calling with humility for His glory
God bless Kenya.

God bless Mediamax, God bless Njanjo, God bless Man Nyari.’

Kameme radio presenter sacked by Uhuru’s media house pens open letter

On November 2, 2019, Gicheha had taken to social media to share news of his firing after his fans waited for his program in vain.

Hey great family.

‘I know you’re greatly disappointed for what happened. You expected as usual to hear me on kameme fm and kameme TV which didn’t happen.

I also feel disappointed but one thing I know there is God in heaven who always vindicate his people.

Man Nyari


I know I have fought a good fight and the work I have done for the voiceless will always testify for me before God.

I know God has placed an open door before me. Keep praying for my heart… The blessing the lord was upon Jacob and not in the uncle’s flock… So wherever I shall go I am blessed.’

Below are some of the reactions from Kenyans days ago after they learnt that Gicheha had been fired.

Wambugu Wa Kimamo: I’m Heartbroken 700%. Had I my own Radio Station, you would have become the CEO. John Gicheha hata uende sasa TV ama mehemehe FM, I will still be your fan. You did great work wholeheartedly. We know your worth. May God guide you brother.

Steve Kimani: How much is opening a radio station of your own? I believe we can manage to have yours and you continue with your restoration job. Our God owns all my big brother.

Rebekita Becks: What’s happening man Nyari, the program is so boring without you. May God be with you wherever you go… so heartbroken.

Anita Kamesh: Haki am sooo disappointed. I thought it was a joke only to wake up early to watch my favourite njanjo program. Jesus have mercy. May the Lord restore man Nyari in a mighty way to continue healing people’s hearts. Praying for you and the entire team.

Josephine Mwangi: You have used the words on my mind right now, “disappointed” njanjo was a calling not a program but I can tell you, stay calm and let not your heart be troubled.

The same God who gave you the will to unite loved ones is not done with you yet. He is preparing a better ground for you. “haria iikagio tiho iguaga” I look at this as a blessing for I know ONE DOOR MUST CLOSE FOR A NEW ONE TO OPEN.

Princess Jerumike: May God intervene in your situation and make a way. I know soon we shall come back here to testify the doings of the Lord. Be strong and of good courage, you shall overcome all these through Him who strengthens His people.

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